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Child Therapy Office

Shedding Light
Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept insurance?

Although we do not accept insurance, you may be entitled to reimbursement from your insurance company. This depends on your plan’s benefits, and the type of evaluation provided.

Where are you located?

At Shedding Light, we strive to best support the busy family. Portions of the evaluation process will take place via telehealth. We also have office space available in Paramus and Bayonne. In addition, we will accommodate by providing a testing location local to you.

How long is each evaluation?

Each evaluation is individualized and varies in length of time. Some evaluations such as the Autism evaluation and the psycho-educational evaluation will take place over a few sessions.

Do you only work with children?

No. Although children are our primary focus, we do work with young adults and adults. We complete re-evaluations for high school and college aged students who require continued accommodations. We also complete adult evaluations for those looking to better understand themselves.

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