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Our Clients Say...

“Dr. Jen was a blessing in disguise for my family. When I was unsure of how to navigate the testing process for my child, she sat down with my husband and I, explained in detail the steps that would be taken and allowed us to feel at ease. Dr. Jen is compassionate and inviting which is something that cannot be learned. I highly recommend Dr. Jen! “

"My college freshman son was in need of educational testing to continue his accommodations at his college. Dr. Jen was amazing. She listened to my needs and understood we were under some strict time constraints, and made herself available to us immediately. She was able to complete my son's testing and get us a report within a few days, in order for me to get it to special services at my son's new school. When we got to her office, Dr. Jen greeted us with a smile, was friendly, addressed my son directly, and allowed him to convey his needs, and how his accommodations benefited him. Dr. Jen was compassionate, professional and extremely accommodating. She was able to help relieve some of my stress about getting all of this accomplished in order to set my son up for success in college.

Thank you Dr. Jen Ajosa.  You are the best!!!"

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